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We at Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Services cherish all the friendships we have made. Our goal in working together is to help you in your time of need. With this in mind, we are happy to list our Friends here for your easy reference. In addition, we want to highlight the wonderful service of our Friends in our Featured Friend editorial section which will regularly feature a different cherished friend ...

Currents Veterinary Centre, Edmonton Our Featured Friend

Berkeley's Place

Berkeley’s Place is an animal rescue support network of like-minded animal lovers/guardians and offers a forum to honor all aspects of our pet’s lives and our relationship with them.   Many people are unaware of the many organizations that are devoted to helping animals in need or have misconceptions about rescue animals. Through education and awareness, we hope to bridge this gap.

Berkeley's Place works hard to network with as many organizations as we can to bring awareness to the plight of rescue, including holding donation drives for food and other needed supplies for rescues so that badly needed funds can be allocated to critical care medical needs for the animals they are saving. Our ultimate goal is to end animal suffering.

Founded in honor of a special needs dog named Berkeley, the organization started as a Facebook page on July 1, 2014, and has grown into a registered non-profit Foundation licensed to operate in the City of Edmonton.  31 rescues to date have received much needed supplies, financial and other support for the fosters coming into care.

The Foundation has 5 core mandates – Donations, Education, Advocacy, Support and Project Purr.  Networking with corporate and other partners, donations of food, crates/cages and other necessities are sourced to help alleviate some of the financial burden rescue is faced with when intaking animals.  The Foundation strives to provide education on responsible pet guardianship, bite prevention and nutrition and supports rescues by promoting adoptables and raising awareness of the plight of at risk animals.  Project Purr serves to educate about the growing crisis of homeless and abandoned cats while teaching communities how to build shelters for the winter and to source food for colony caretakers.

A component near and dear to the Foundation is the monthly Pet Honoring Ceremony for companion animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Guardians are invited to submit a photo for the honor board and a ceremony of remembrance, love and blessing is performed for all those on the board.  Guardians have the option of attending for a time of peace, comfort and reflection to know they are not alone in their grief.

Berkeley passed away July 23, 2012

Berkeley's Place
1712 Turvey Bend,
Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 2W7
Telephone:+1 780 721 3415
Fax:+1 780 434 0236


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